Friday 19 April 2019

Celebrating Easter with Num Noms

Num Noms have been around for quite some years now and after all this time they manage to come up with new and exciting ranges that my children would like to collect. And as we come up to Easter, things haven't changed.

These delicious smelling collectables are back with new and yummy selections and to enable me to showcase them to you, I have been sent a few of the new range along with a delightful Easter themed recipe and a few baking essentials to help the kids in the kitchen.


These brand new additions include the following:

Surprises in a Bottle

Each one of these has a beauty surprise hidden inside that smells absolutely wonderful. You could find a scented body spray, a scented lotion, a scented nail polish or a scented shimmer.

Party Hair 

Every mystery pack contains a Num Nom which is either a Froyo, a Snow Cone, a Popcorn, a Cotton Candy or  a Fruit, each one coming complete with one or two tufts of coloured hair that can then be mix and matched with others.

Sparkle Smoothies

Filled with a a sparkly, liquid lip gloss, every Sparkle Smoothie is topped with their very own Num topping, some of which are special editions (we already got uni-cream.)

Prices for these products range from £3.99 up to £9.99. Perfect pocket money toys and ideal for any budding make up artist. My daughters are all quite partial to a make up tutorial on You Tube so this latest range has gone down a treat with them!


Now the recipe - Easter Egg Bark - was actually provided by one of the recently released Party Hair Num Noms, Patty Pinkie. 

The youngest was keen to make this one (I think she just wanted to wear the apron) so we were in the kitchen quick sharpish ready to get creative.

A quick and easy treat to make. See the picture above for just what you'll need to create your own and the instructions on how to get started.




What kind of Easter treats have you been making? Perhaps you could base them on one of the newest Num Noms.

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