Wednesday 1 May 2019

I Just Like You Book Review

Diversity, it's a subject that comes up often these days. I think most of us are well aware of just how diverse we all are but it isn't always shown in books. Suzanne Bloom is back with her latest picture book, I Just Like You and she's bringing with her a really diverse group of characters who are about to show us just how simple a friendship can be.


There are so many ways in the world to be, to move, to think, to dress, to see.

We do things differently, it's true.

But you like me, and I like you.

This book is wonderfully, adorable. The front cover alone screams cuteness with an amazing group of animals pictured on the front. 

Who knew that animals such as an ostrich, a skunk and a pig would find themselves wanting to be friends with one another.

I Just Like You is what I would describe as a simplistic book.

There are more pictures than words and the sentences are short and written in a fairly bold font.


The aim of this book is to show children that it is more than ok to see the world through different eyes, to not like the same things, to not act the same.

In fact . . . 

Different is good.

Different is interesting.

Different is quite simply part of life.

You just like me! You just like me! You just like me!

I've fallen in love with this book.

I believe that actually some adults could benefit from reading this, not just children and I mean children not just younger children.

Sometimes we all need a reminder that it is more than fine to be yourself. To talk the way you talk, to like different things and to act a certain way.

That is not a bad thing!

You don't walk just like me.

I said near the beginning of this review that this book was simplistic but that should not be seen as something bad because the way it has been written and presented has an impressive impact on the reader.


What's demonstrated is that we don't need lots of long winded speeches to show us just how easy it can be to be friends with someone. It's not something that we should need to be taught necessarily, really we should all have the opportunity to just be us and be liked for all that we are.

A moment to just like each other.

I just like you! Yes, I do.

I Just Like You could make for a really handy resource in schools because I think from a young age we all just want to be liked don't we.

I'll end this review by saying this is a  great book that should be read by all.


  1. This sounds a delightful book. I love the bunch of animals on the cover

  2. How lovely! I think young children don't seem to notice differences, but as they get older, they tend to want to stick with people like themselves, which is sad as they could be missing out on some really great friendships.

  3. Often simple messages can be the most powerful. This book looks gorgeous and I love the artwork on the cover :o)


  4. It looks and sound really lovely. I think the teens and pre-teens in my girls' secondary school could do with reading it!

  5. Oh this sounds beautiful! As a mum of a child with additional needs I'm always looking out for books that celebrate difference. I think my 3 year old would love this, he adores animals! #readwithme


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