Friday 21 June 2019

Introducing Hatchimals Pixies - Review

Collectible toys have really taken over the toy shelves in recent years and my children have definitely not missed this craze. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles have been hugely popular in our household over the past year so when I heard that there was a new Hatchimals range being released, it was obvious to me just how much my girls would love it. Which is of course why I am sharing my thoughts with you all so without further ado .....

Introducing Hatchimals Pixies!


One day, new eggs suddenly appeared in Hatchtopia! Larger and more beautiful than any before, no one knew where they had come from or just who was inside. As the Hatchimals cared for the eggs, they began to take on unique properties, inspired by their different regions. Then, after 9 months of love and care, the new magical friends were finally ready to hatch … and for the first time ever, the Hatchimals met the Pixies! Which Pixie will you hatch? With two waves featuring two unique themes, there are so many new friends to discover.

Hatchimals Pixies are the latest collectible dolls that are ready to hatch to life. There are four different, colourful eggs ready and waiting to be hatched and from those there is the possibility of hatching a Pixie from Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall or Glittering Garden.

We were kindly sent two of our own to hatch and look after. There was a lot of excitement upon opening.


Hatching your egg is easy and takes next to no time. Simply warm up the heart on the front of the egg until the heat turns the heart pink (like magic) and then gently press down on the shell to crack it open revealing the adorable pixie waiting inside.



My youngest had no trouble doing this by herself. After a couple of minutes we had hatched a Glittering Gracie and a Crystal Camila. There are two Pixies to collect for each Pixies location within Hatchtopia.

And what else will you discover inside I hear you ask?

Inside of each shimmery egg, as well as a beautiful Pixie, you will also find that there are three mystery Pixie accessories too! These accessories can include mirrors, cupcakes and hairbands. What you get will depend on where your Pixie comes from.


Each Pixie is wonderfully stylish from their head right down to their tiny toes. Brightly coloured, sparkly hair, poseable heads and magical glittery wings that actually move. Their outfits are fantastically fashionable, each one inspired by their very own Hatchtopia Hangouts!


Now that egg that your Pixie hatches out of is rather special because it cleverly doubles up as a storage space. When your Pixie is ready for a rest you can easily store her accessories in the bottom of the egg and then place her included bed inside there as well.
the large egg in the palm of your hand and warm it


There are eight Hatchimals Pixies to collect -with more to come in October - and as always there is always even more to explore in the Hatchtopia app!

Priced at £7.99, Hatchimals Pixies are great value for money. Accessible for many and endless game play, with a great use of a child's imagination. I guess my only complaint, which I seem to be repeating lately, is the amount of plastic packaging used.

My question for you guys is which Pixie would you like to hatch first?

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