Thursday 6 June 2019

Little Tiger May Book Releases

Some months I seem to have a lull in the amount of books that I get to review however there are other months where I appear to be inundated with books (not that I'm complaining.) May was one of the latter months so I thought I would combine a few children's stories - that were kindly sent to me from Little Tiger Group - in a sort of quickish review post.

Choo-Choo Peekaboo

This board books with flaps is aimed at little ones aged 1 - 4 years


It was early in the morning and Zebra was off on an adventure. He was going to spend the day doing his favourite thing ... 

I love a good lift the flaps books, they allow younger children to really explore and engage with the book, a brilliant way to instil a love of reading from a young age. 

In this story Zebra, who is the main character, is trying his best to do his favourite thing, paint but his cheeky animal friends have other ideas.

There is a hilarious surprise hidden under each and every flap and as Zebra's friends continue to cause chaos, the reader will find themselves laughing out loud at all of their antics.

Not only featuring animals like baboons, pigs and sheep, Choo-Choo Peekaboo also showcases some fun modes of transport like dirt bikes and spaceships.

Choo-Choo Peekaboo is filled with joy, witty text and bright, entertaining illustrations, it is packed with adventure guaranteed to catch children's imaginations.

The Worry Box

A paperback book looking at emotions, aimed at children aged between 3 - 6 years 


Murray Bear has lots of worries. Luckily Milly Bear knows how to help. "Worries feel smaller when you share them," she says. And it's True! Then Milly helps Murray make a special bok. "Write down your worries and pop them in here," she says. "The Worries might not disappear, but they won't stop you doing things." 

Can the worry box really help?

Mental health is a hot topic at the moment and it isn't just adults that suffer with these problems, children are becoming increasingly worried over things, suffering with anxiety etc. 

The Worry Box is a beautifully written story that has the ability to be a helpful tool, teaching little ones to share how they feel instead of bottling up those pesky worries. The story follows Murray Bear, who questions a lot of what's around him, what if something is too loud, what if he can't do something. He's lucky as he has the lovely Milly Bear there to offer sound advice.

This story is a delight to read. Offering a great starting point for discussions surrounding feelings and emotions, offering a simple yet effective solution to kids that could be feel overwhelmed by the world around them.

I'm Not Grumpy

A hardback book all about making friends aimed at children between 3 - 6 years


At the edge of the forest lives one grumpy mouse. He's the grumbliest and grouchiest mouse for miles around. Until he meets a little lost badger, who really needs his help.

This is quite a powerful story for one that appears fairly simple. What begins with a (grumpy) mouse ends in a tale of unlikely friendship.

I'm Not Grumpy is a good demonstration to little ones about the importance of kindness and about helping one another. Looking at the impact of your own actions on others around you. 

With softly drawn illustrations and plenty of animals to be spotted, I'm Not Grumpy is actually the perfect story to put you in a better mood.


  1. These look great, I might get 'I'm Not Grumpy' for my 3yo - because he is, a lot! #readwithme

  2. These look a great selection for little ones. We used to do quite a few Little Tiger Press reviews when the boys were younger and I always found the books to be good

  3. As I don't have any young children to buy these type of books for anymore, I've shared the post to my Pinterest book board for other parents to read :)


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