Wednesday 26 June 2019

My First Book of Relativity and Discovering Architecture Book Reviews

Back in April last year I had the pleasure of reviewing the book My First Book of Quantum Physics . It was a really informative book, which was filled with plenty of illustrations, facts and concepts. Now the creator is back with not one but two books in this highly fascinating range: My First Book of Relativity and Discovering Architecture.

These books reinforce the idea that children are never too young to start learning and exploring bigger, more complicated and complex ideas and concepts.


Each one of these are what I would describe as illustrated guides, allowing the reader to engage and access some of these different aspects within the subjects mentioned. They are super child-friendly but also extremely helpful for adults too!

I thought I'd share with you a few key thoughts from one of my children (as this is who the books are really aimed at).

* Interesting and easily understandable diagrams and illustrations

* Well explained facts

* Ideal for a younger audience and even mums and dads too

* A good variety of topics covered

These books are fantastic tools!


They are bright and vivid. Eye catching and engaging from the first pages and with so much to read and see, there is always the possibility of more to be learned, questions to be asked and a wealth of knowledge to be taken on board.

Clear labelling with various fonts used, each and every page has something new to offer and you won't want to read them just once, you'll benefit from reading them again and again.

From igloos, skyscrapers and pyramids to Einstein's theory of relativity, prepare to be amused and amazed at the same time.


These guides are wonderfully inspirational and I hope to see more added to the collection very soon.


  1. These sound very interesting and, like you say, parents could probably learn from them too! My daughter says she wants to be an architect, so she might enjoy a read.

  2. These look great, I think I could probably do with reading them myself!! #readwithme

  3. These look fun! It's nice to see some decent kids' books that can help them learn too #readwithme


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