Wednesday 21 August 2019

Candylocks Collectable Dolls Review

My youngest two girls still love to play with dolls and are alway on the look out for new ones to add to their collection (especially ones that have an added bit of fashion and style.) As it happens, just last week we were kindly gifted a brand new kind of doll and now we're ready to show you.

Meet the newest collectable dolls, Candylocks from Spinmaster.


Who's in there with the cotton candy hair?

These oh so sweet-smelling collectible dolls have unbelievably soft hair and just as their name suggests, it looks just like cotton candy!


There is up to a huge 15 inches of brightly coloured candy-inspired hair wrapped around these dolls depending on which size you purchase, I was honestly shocked as my youngest continued to unwind the hair - if only I could grow mine that long.

We were sent two different versions, a smaller surprise doll which is only uncovered when you begin to unwrap their hair and a larger deluxe 7 inch doll that comes complete with some rather stylish accessories (including hair chalk).


What we noticed with these oh so cute dolls was that they have quite the fashion sense. With extremely detailed outfits that match their chosen theme. If you aren't immediately drawn in by the hair then you will be captured by their delicious scents which include ones like vanilla, apple and unsurprisingly, cotton candy.


Mouthwateringly good! 

I would say that the hair was quite easy to style. The larger doll has 14 thick strands of hair to play around with whilst the petite version has 6 strands (although these are longer). A small word of warning, best to be gentle as we found a couple of bits fell out if pulled around too much.

The unique texture of Candylocks' cotton candy-inspired hair makes it easy to style. It holds its shape and doesn't come apart. Create braids, buns, twists and ponytails - the hairstyle possibilities are endless!

A great aid if you want to teach little ones how to braid as it holds its shape very well indeed, no stray hairs to get knotted up.

The style possibilities are enormous, from normal plaits to twirly twists, gigantic buns and curly twirly ponytails. You can even use your own hair bands and scrunchies if you want to add even more of your own style to these dolls.


Inside the packaging (a bit too much plastic there!), there are up to six surprise Candylocks accessories to be found. These can include some adorable, tiny hair gems,  hair twirlers, hair pins and with the larger version you even get a clip in hair extension and hair chalk.

All accessories of course match their outfits.

I'll admit I panicked when I saw the hair chalk, my first thought was MESS. Worry not, it's easily cleaned up and much to my children's delight, you can also apply it to your own hair. Ours was a lovely mermaid shade of blue.

Children can easily style and accessorise their Candylocks dolls in any they want to. 

On the smaller Candylocks you can move the arms and bend them at their waist which added an extra element to the game play. And the larger Candylocks are also poseable, able to stand when posed correctly.


Candylocks all smell as sweet as they look!

There are over 20 Candylocks dolls to collect (including one ultra-rare which my children are now desperate to obtain). Every dolls is unique, each one with their own scrummy smell, tasty sounding name, and not forgetting all of those must have accessories.

From a parent perspective, I guess my only real gripe was the lack of instructions, we had to sort of work it all out for ourselves which I guess isn't too much of a bad thing as it encourages a bit of problem solving.


So how much can you expect to pay for these?

Well the larger 7 inch doll is priced at £20 and the 3 inch doll is priced at £9.99, both good value for money in my opinion as it is a doll that can be used time and time again unlike other collectables available that once unpackaged are left to just sit on a shelf.

Collect all of the Candylocks dolls and bring home the sweetness!

The question is, how would you style their hair if you had the chance?

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