Wednesday 28 August 2019

Science You Can Eat August Book of the Month

If there is one thing I can rely on, it is the fact that my kids love food and I mean LOVE. It isn't often they'll refuse to eat something, always willing to at least try things once but what do they really know about what the foods which they are consuming?

Not a lot (well neither do I) so when I was asked if they'd like to read and review one of DK books latest releases, Science You Can Eat, I immediately said yes.


Join Stefan Gates on an edible adventure and discover what's really happening with our food and why.

Find out what the world's smelliest fruit tastes like, and which incredible food can be used to send secret messages. Then use the power of science to create colour changing potions and make delicious ice cream in an instant.

Putting what we eat under the microscope.

I love the fact that science is becoming more popular in recent years, it's an intriguing subject and it's great that I get to learn alongside my children.

Science You Can Eat is more than a fact book. Filled with information, experiments, tricks and scientific facts. It captures your attention from the first turn of the page. 

Explore, play, make a mess (and clear it up!) and enjoy.

A clear and concise contents page breaks the book down into sections. This allows your child to jump straight to what they want to discover.

We were kindly sent a few ingredients including popcorn kernels and popping candy so that we were able to try out some of the fun, fascinating experiments. 

The first one that they tried is under the title 'Super Saliva', which happened to involve custard - I'm just as surprised as you! My girls were able to do this all by themselves and we were all wowed by the results.


What is food?

That's the great thing with this book. All of the experiments are child friendly and most can be achieved with minimal supervision.

This is a great tool for learning but the best part is that the kids don't even know it. They are too busy simply having fun.


Each page is filled with bright images and displayed in a way that has you wanting to look at EVERYTHING. With other experiments including Invisible Ink and unusual foods named fartichokes, I can guarantee that your child will be hooked instantly. 

Stefan Gates AKA "The Gastronaut" is a food adventurer with the mission to make food fascinating.

Science You Can Eat has been a great source of entertainment throughout the holidays. The only problem you'll have is deciding which experiment to try first.


  1. This book sounds a lot of fun and full of things to learn.
    The best type of learning for kids is when they don't realise they're learning. hehehe x


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