Friday 4 October 2019

My Happy Journal Review

It's a shame to say this but these days there is a high focus on the mental health of children. They are at a higher risk of developing depression and many young ones don't have the ability to really express just how they are feeling. One of my own children has suffered with sadness in recent months, struggling to remain happy with certain things happening at school really getting her down (I won't go into details). 

So when I saw a request to review a new product - The Happy Journal - I was quite eager to be among those reviewers.

Here's what the company has to say:

'This beautifully designed children’s positive mind-set and activity journal is overflowing with inspiration to ignite any child’s imagination and gratitude skills.

My Happy Journal is designed to celebrate and savour daily memories, encourage communication and laughter while bringing parents closer to their children.

It has heaps of fun facts and activities and 90 diary entries to complete while embracing mindfulness through moments of calm and a positive mind-set.'

Help children celebrate everyday joys.

These journals are wonderfully vibrant and filled to the brim with positivity.

I was kindly sent two, one for each of my youngest two daughters and they have used them each and every day since they arrived.


The front cover says to imagine, create and explore.

And that's exactly what my children have done.

As you open the book up, you're greeted by a lovely quote and this is not the only one you'll read. Motivational quotes are dotted throughout the book. Each one filled with words of wisdom, ones that actually had me thinking too.

Inside there are 90 journal entries.

Explore their imagination.

Each one is designed to aid in calming your child. I guess My Happy Journal is what you'd call the best designed distraction.

It is a really helpful resource.

I found it extremely useful in two aspects.

The first was purely for my children. The journal gave them a focus. Sometimes they take the book and go and sit in their rooms, enjoying their own company. The second is the fact that it allowed me to have time with my children, doing activities that they love (perfect with all this rainy weather we've had lately).


There's a brilliant mix of activities to do. From colouring and drawing to story writing and prompts to get children thinking out of the box.

Share in their day.

My favourite activity in the journal is the happy jar. This is where children can write down any moment that they want to celebrate,  no matter how tiny, and these moments all get folded up and popped in a jar to be read whenever they like.

A momentous mood booster!

My Happy Journal is in my eyes simply magical.


Great for not only children but adults too.

Promote positivity and growth mindset.

What this book does is get people thinking about the good things in life, letting the negativity slowly fade away and instead allowing the good to seep in and take over.

It has the same premise as a gratitude journal and takes this idea even further. It has allowed me to get to know my children's innermost thoughts, bringing us closer together.

The perfect gift.Well worth every penny you spend on it!


  1. What a great idea, I think this might appeal to my younger son, as he particularly enjoys writing #readwithme

  2. This sounds like a really good idea and a great way for children to focus their feelings.


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