Wednesday 27 November 2019

Sophie Takes to the Sky Book Review

Barrington Stoke have become one of my favourite publishers this year. Not only are their books ones that really capture people's imaginations, they are also highly accessible to any kind of reader because of the way they are printed. 

My youngest daughter has really taken to their Little Gems range, the first one she read was Rose's Dress of Dreams which was quite magical and the latest story that she's had the time to read is Sophie Takes to the Sky.


Take flight with a truly inspirational tale of courage and self-belief, in Woodfine's latest historical gem.

Scaredy-cat Sophie is afraid of everything!

So when a balloonist comes to the town fair, Sophie is left behind while everyone else goes to watch him fly in his marvellous balloon. She's far too frightened of the crowds, the commotion and even riding in a horse-drawn carriage. But if she could just be brave enough to face her fears, who knows where Sophie's journey might take her ....

This story is a reimagining of the childhood of Sophie Blanchard, one of the world's first female aeronauts (hot air balloonist.)

Coming from best-selling author Katherine Woodfine, this is a tale that celebrates a wonderful woman of our history.

The book itself is a perfect size, brilliant for little hands to get a hold of.

Discover the story behind another inspiring woman history.

What the Little Gem books manage to do (with ease) is get the write balance of wording and imagery. Children can read without becoming overwhelmed by the written word.

Chapters are short in this tale which makes for speedy reading. A brilliant choice if you are just introducing your young reader to the world of chapter books.

Great for whether they want to read by themselves or if you'd like to read together.

A touching tale for all readers of learning to overcome anxiety and follow your dreams.


That's the first word that comes to mind when describing this book. Katherine touches well on the subject of anxiety - a common issue for both children and adults these days - it's written about in a sensitive manner.

Sophie Takes to the Sky is a story that enables to children to learn as they read. A great tool and resource combined with a fascinating tale. 

Is it time to face your fears?

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  1. This sounds like a beautiful book - and nice to learn something new too! I must admit I'd never heard of Sophie Blanchard - or even the word 'aeronaut'.


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