Wednesday 8 January 2020

Musical Mac Book Review

ad this book was sent to me free of charge in exchange for this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own 

I love a story with a good message, especially a children's book because we learn so much from a young age and what better way to be taught things than through the medium of reading.

Musical Mac is a beautiful tale of friendship and courage...


Mac is a millipede with lots of arms and lots of legs, which is very handy indeed  when there are lots of things to do. The thing he wants to do the most is play music in the annual Soggy Bog Talent Show, but he's always been too shy to play on his own.

This year he has a brilliant plan - he'll join a band! But when Mac ends up alone on stage, can he find the courage to be himself ... with a little help from new friends?

The main character.

Mac is a brilliant choice of character.

To look at you may well be thinking he's nothing special - but aren't we all rather not special? He is what I'd consider the underdog. A likeable chap that with the right tools and the best type of encouragement can be anything that he wants to be.

You can see straight away through the illustrations that Mac is a determined dreamer.

He has ideas, just not quite the tools to bring them fully to life.

The journey.

Nothing says a good book like a journey.

Mac wants to take part in the Soggy Bog talent show and in order to that he'll need two things. First, courage and second, belief in himself.

This is definitely an inspiring tale and I adore Mac's aspirations with every turn of the page.


His wants lead him to meet many amazing characters, each one with their very own talents to showcase.

The humour.

Of course every well written story needs a touch of humour.

As Mac travels, we see him go through a wide range of emotions, mostly due to the situations he was unknowingly putting himself in.

My youngest daughter really chuckled when the birds thought Mac would be their next meal.


The all important ending.

As Mac finds himself alone on stage you can really feel the nerves kicking in.

But perhaps he isn't as alone as he first thought.

Inspired by new found friends, Mac is gifted the feeling of bravery and that's when amazing things happen!

Musical Mac is a wonderful story. Filled with emotions and lessons to be learnt. As we head into a new year, this could be the perfect book for a child a little unsure of the dreams that they currently hold on to.


  1. This sounds a delightful book. And I know I've seen a children's tv programme a few years back giving the same message with a shy character on stage, but I just can't think what the show was called

  2. Sounds a fun book with an important message. Will look into it for the grandchildren. Thanks for sharing #readwithme


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