Wednesday 22 April 2020

A Bottle of Happiness Book Review

A while ago on Twitter I was lucky enough to win a book giveaway.

The book in question was A Bottle of Happiness by Ehsan Abdollahi.

Published by Tiny Owl Publishing, I was beyond chuffed to win this picture book (and under no obligation to review it).


Pim and his dog Tiddle went over the mountain. They found a rich market place. "Please may I eat one of those beautiful fruits?" Pim asked. "What will you give me in return?" said the man. "I haven't got anything," said Pim. "There must be something your people have that we don't," said a woman. 

Pim looked around. "I think we have more happiness that you have," said Pim. "Bring us some of that then," said the man.

But how can you bottle happiness?

I often say to my daughters' when they are at their happiness that I wish I could have some of what they've had to put them in such a good mood or when they are bouncing around, I'd love to be given just a smidgen of the energy that they seem to have constantly flowing around them.

A Bottle of Happiness is like a modern day fable.

Beginning by a mountain.

One side of the mountain is a town filled with rich people, well rich in things like jewels and food.

On the other side of the mountain were a different kind of folk. They too worked hard, just like those richer people but their side didn't yield brilliant crops and with no sea there were no fish to be found. But they were rich in a different way.

They were rich with love and happiness.

One day a little boy and his dog, who were living on the poorer side of the mountain, decided to go on a bit of an adventure to discover what else existed in the world.

What they found were many beautiful things....

The richer people wanted something in exchange for their worldly goods but the only thing Pim could offer from his side was happiness.

But can you capture happiness and put it in a bottle to share?

Pim is certainly willing to try.

The question I suppose is what really is happiness. Is it people singing happy songs? Laughter? What makes happiness is different for everybody.

As Pim sets out on his quest to bottle that happiness, we are taken on a thoughtful journey with him.

This is a story of love, laughter and living.

A Bottle of Happiness teaches children about the simpler things in life and just how to share them with any person who they may come into contact with.

In a generation where there is a message to be kind to others, this simple yet effective story is certainly a good way to demonstrate how to do just that.

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