Wednesday 10 June 2020

Mermaid Rocks - The Floating Forest by Linda Chapman

In my house the love for unicorns and mermaids is still going strong (for both the kids and myself) so when I was given the chance to review Mermaid Rocks - The Floating Forest - by Linda Chapman the answer just had to be yes.

Second book in the series (we still need to read the others in the series including The Coral Kingdom), Coralie and her friends are back, ready for a new adventure.


During a game of dares, Coralie comes across a mysterious treasure map in the Kelp forest.

But when she and her friends follow the trail, they are amazed at what they find ...

Welcome to Mermaids Rock! The entrance to the mermaid realm in the deep, blue ocean…

Coralie is extremely happy when she gets the chance to venture into the beautiful kelp forest.

After telling her friends about the forest and the mysterious treasure map, Coralie, her Save the Sea Creatures Club, along with their sea companions go on a search for treasure. 

But there's a problem...

When they arrive they find the forest has been destroyed. 

With no protection from the plants, the animals are in real danger, this group of friends must do everything they possibly can to help save the creatures including sea lions and otters before it’s too late!

My youngest chose to read this as her school book, reading a chapter a day.

I've never seen her devour a book so quickly.

Normally she'll try to get away with reading as few a pages as possible but not this one. She was eager to carry on reading to see just what was going to happen.

This is a great introduction to chapter books.

With relatively short chapters and beautiful black and grey illustrations, this is a great book for young readers. We particularly enjoyed the sea related books at the end of the story, a lovely added bonus to an already thoroughly entertaining tale.

And good news....

There is another book in the series - The Ice Giants - coming soon.

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