Wednesday 17 June 2020

The Silver Pony by Holly Webb Book Review

A children's author that I absolutely love is Holly Webb.

She is a best-selling author of so many books - an abundance of them featuring adorable animals - and I've loved reading them to/with my children.


Holly is back with her latest release, The Silver Pony (another bestseller in the making) and my youngest daughter was quick to pick it up and start reading.

Daisy loves watching ponies that wander wild through the woods near her home. They’re beautiful but she’s always been afraid to get too close. 

Then one day, to Daisy’s amazement, a pretty silvery-white pony approaches her. Can it tell how much Daisy needs a friend?

We actually made this story her homeschool reading book so she's been reading a chapter a day to me. 

This actually coincided with her school work because she was asked to write a book review so Layla is kindly sharing her thoughts with you all on my blog:

I loved The Silver Pony.

Firstly because I really like ponies and horses so I was excited to read a story all about them.

And I also loved it because it is a book I can share with my sister.

I really liked all of the pictures in the book, the drawings were very clever and they were just like how they were described.

My favourite part was when Snowball had her foal. It was so sweet.

This book was fun to read, I think there should be more Pony stories written because I'd love to read them.

The Silver Pony is a wonderfully magical chapter book filled with friendship and hope.

Looking at the front cover, I got an immediate sense of calm and kindness, it's one of those covers that just invites you in.

In the first chapter we are introduced to Daisy, who lives in the New Forest with her family, walking her dog Betsy.

From the initial pages you get the sense that Daisy is someone who enjoys helping others and cares deeply for those around her. She's unfortunately being bullied at school  by a boy called Jack and is left feeling quietly upset as well as quite lonely since her best friend went into hospital.

That is until the day that she stumbles across a silver looking pony that without trying seemed to offer her some sort of reassurance that things will be ok.

As the story progresses there are some helpful lessons to be learn, least of all the fact that friendship can be found in all places, even in the ones that you won't necessarily think they'll be. Holly has an effective yet gentle way of storytelling that resinates well with a lot of children and adults.

Another one to add to our collection.

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