Friday 31 July 2020

This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens Book Review

I love Netgalley.

I'm not sure how often I've said that on my blog but it's true.

That site has provided me with so many beautifully written books to read over the time that I've been signed up to it. Novels that I perhaps wouldn't have even thought to buy for myself. 

And sometimes you come across a story that just captures both your heart and imagination, and that is what happened when I had the privilege of reading This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens (thank you Netgalley and Random House UK).


When Minnie meets Quinn at a NYE party, it’s clear that they’ve got nothing in common – except for the strange fact of their being born in the same place at the same time on New Year’s Eve. A crazy coincidence, but not a reason to pursue a friendship, and definitely not an excuse for Quinn to hope for something more.

He is a privileged party boy who believes the world is his for the taking. She is a hard-working realist, whose lack of confidence tends to hold her back.

Opposites don’t really attract…it’s not like this is a rom-com, right?

The clock strikes midnight, their moment passes, and another year begins. But if Quinn and Minnie are from different worlds, why do they keep bumping into each other? And why is it that each frustrating interaction somehow seems to push their lives in the right direction? Could it be that instead of clashing, their different outlooks might complement each other?

Perhaps now is the time for them to finally come together...

Let me start by saying this is a book that I will definitely be re-reading and if that isn't positive enough, you can continue to read the rest of my review.

Not your typical romance. It actually begins way back in 1989 on the 31st December, New Years Eve don't you know. And it isn't your typical new year, because the there's a competition running, the woman to have the first 90's baby will win £50,000.

Two women - Tara and Connie - are both in labour and minutes past midnight on 1st January 1990 Quinn and Minnie were born. Except Minnie was meant to be Quinn until Tara appeared to steal the name (and the winnings) for her son seconds before she was born and this according to Connie made her daughter unlucky.

Without knowing it Quinn and Minnie seem to be bound by their birth date, this pair have a way of gravitating towards each other every year without even knowing it. 

Skip forward 29 years and we have Minnie, who feels like she's jinxed, bad things just seem to happen to her on the eve of her birthday and on her special day and Quinn, who by all accounts from first appearances seems to have fallen on his feet.

As they finally knowingly meet on the evening of their 30th birthday's, has fate finally stepped in, could this be the start of an unlikely relationship because these two couldn't be more opposite, or could they?

Told across two timelines and two points of view. As the reader we delve into both the past and present of this unlucky duos lives. It's beautifully set out, each chapter revealing a little bit more detail that gives a depth to both the storyline and the characters that feature.

It looks at the stereotypes of rich vs poor and reminds us that you definitely can't judge a book by its cover.

I fell in love with the characters, including all of those supporting roles. It made the novel so much more than a romance. It was about family, work and acceptance of others.I especially adored Minnie's dad and her best friend.

This Time Next Year is utterly refreshing.

Filled with love (a little lust) and laughter. There isn't any moment in this book where you become bored. The words on the pages flowed with ease and it all seemed so plausible and I think the idea that it could happen in real life made it all the more tangible.

Do you ever get sad when you finish a book? That feeling like you weren't ready to let the characters go? That's how I felt with this story. I'd love to get a glimpse into Minnie and Quinn's future. Hint hint Sophie.

Even if you feel like romance isn't your genre I honestly think you should give this book a try.

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