Friday 21 August 2020

We Just Clicked by Anna Bell Blog Tour

I think sometimes I'm almost a seasonal reader.

In the colder months I like curling up under a blanket with long books to keep me company.

However in the spring and especially summer I'm much more an easy read kind of girl. You know the ones that aren't too long, require slightly less concentration as you sit in the sunshine and turn the pages.

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Anna Bell's latest novel We Just Clicked is the perfect cocktail accompaniment.

Izzy Brown has always dreamed of being an Instagram influencer. So when her colleague and fellow Instagrammer Luke suggests they ‘fake date’ to boost their profiles, Izzy says yes – against her better judgement.

Now Izzy’s profile tells the story of a confident, glamorous thirty-something with the perfect boyfriend, and her follower numbers are shooting upwards. So what if Izzy can’t stop bickering with Luke, his habit of checking his quiff in every single mirror is driving her insane, and behind the scenes she’s hiding a secret heartache? Everyone tells a few fibs on social media, right?

But when Izzy runs into Aidan, the mysterious stranger who saved her the day her world fell apart two years ago, major sparks start to fly between them. Izzy’s sure she can have the online success she’s always dreamed of, whilst continuing to fall in love – and heal her heart – in real life. After all, Aidan doesn’t use social media… what could possibly go wrong?

And so it begins...

Looking at the world of social media, more specifically Instagram. We follow protagonist Izzy as she tries to make it as an influencer (a tough area to break into these days) in the hopes that it will make her enough money to become her full time job.

This is a dream that she confided to her brother Ben who sadly passed away.

On that tragic day, she tries to rush home to be with her family. A kind commuter offers her help in her darkest moment, ensuring that she makes it safely back to her hometown.

Time moves on.

Skipping forward two years. Izzy is still working a less than thrilling day job whilst working on her Instagram profile, slowly building her engagement and followers, keeping everything crossed that paid work is just around the corner.

After visiting a conference with a well known Instagrammer, herself and a fellow employee come up with a plan to start a fake romance to help them both increase their chances of brands recognising them and wanting to partner up with them for sponsored posts.

Clever idea or asking for trouble?

All goes well until that handsome stranger that helped Izzy in her time of need happens to reappear in her life.

She soon finds out that the concept of faking it to make it isn't all it's cracked up to be when it starts to interfere with real life goings on.

A fabulously funny, feel-good novel that will make you laugh until you cry, for anyone who’s ever presented a perfectly-filtered life online to hide the unglamorous reality.

Fast paced and funny, this is a real feel good story. There were some genuine laugh out loud moments throughout the book.

My only real complaint is the predictability of it. 

I didn't know all of the details but it was fairly obvious early on in the book just what direction the author was going in.

Saying that, there was a steady pace to the book and despite knowing where I was being led I continued to turn the pages - a sign of a good story.

Over all an uplifting, sweet read that will leave you smiling.

If you're liking the sound of We Just Clicked, make sure to join the rest of the blog tour outlined below for more thoughts and insights. I for one am now looking forward to reading more of Anna's books.

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