Wednesday 21 October 2020

Photo Books for Christmas

 Christmas is approaching.

There I said it, you can't deny it, with the year we've had, the festive season is creeping round quickly and actually I'm quite thankful for it. 

Honestly, I believe we could all do with a bit of cheer in our households right about now!

Now with this time of year we have to think about the gifts we are going to buy for people. And one of my go to presents is always photos- of my children to be precise.

Gone are the days when I buy the yearly school photo. A) Because my children aren't all at the same school and B) Because the are just so expensive! 

Nowadays I look online for great deals and inventive ways to share my photographs with loved ones. Now ASDA Photo have nailed it with their range of products. I was lucky enough to review one of their gorgeous slate panels last year. 

Fast forward to this year and they very kindly let me choose another one of their products to review and share with you all.

And I chose .....

A photo book.

I love a photo book as I think it allows you to tell the perfect story through pictures. 

Make the most of it and create the photobook you've been meaning to for ages... Whether it was the holiday of a lifetime, the best day of your life, or the new addition to the family.... we have a range of shapes, sizes and finishes to compliment your photos.

As always the process to make one is fast and straight forward.

You can choose from different books from the cover to the size: ringbound, hardcover, softcover and layflat. I opted for the hardcover option as I believe they preserve better.

Earlier I said that a photo book can tell a story and that could be as simple as a day out outlined via the pages. Or perhaps showcasing how the children have grown throughout the year.

With the options of full photo pages and varying collages, the possibilities are many especially when you can also edit and add in captions, dates and special wording with different fonts too. You can literally write your own story as you go.

Showcase your favourite memories with a stylish and personalised photo album

To make sure that you get the right photo book for you, at the end you are able to preview your book before you purchase. This allows you to go back and edit anything that you think doesn't look quite right. From fonts and colours, to borders and photo placement.

You are in charge every step of the way.

From the most cost effective to the top of the range luxurious photo books, there is one to suit everyone's needs and of course you can order more than one copy which makes buying multiple presents quick and simple to do.

Personal photo books are a genius way of getting all of your favourite photos all in one place and whether it is a gift for someone else of a keepsake for yourself, ASDA Photo have got you covered, no matter the occasion. 

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