Wednesday 3 March 2021

Two Wrongs by Mel Grath Blog Tour

 Over the years my reading tastes have changed, I have come to love quite a few genres and one of my current favourites are psychological thrillers.

I think it has something to do with the pace mixed in with that mystery element where as the reader you really have to think about what's going on. 

Feels like we become the detective.

The last novel to grab my attention was Two Wrongs, the latest novel from best-selling author Mel Grath.

In the city of Bristol, young women are dying in mysterious circumstances. The deaths look like suicides – but are they something more sinister?

Honor is terrified that her daughter might be next. But as she looks for clues as to what really happened to the girls, she stumbles upon a link to a dark secret in her own past – one that she’s kept from her daughter.

Now Honor has the chance to avenge her child for the terrible events of years ago. But how far will she go to protect her daughter and right the wrongs done to her family?

Girls are dying, from the outside it looks like suicide but to the trained (suspicious) eye it seems like there could be more to their deaths than originally though.

Now I'll start by saying that I had actually guessed the main villain quite early on but intriguingly, this didn't take away from the story as I read it.

One girl jumped. . . And then another followed…

The story begins with a frightening, failed suicide attempt by Satnam, she is one of the students at West Country University. She (with the help of a witness) calls for help from her best friend Nevis, who happens to be on the same course as this troubled girl.

Both Nevis and her mum - Honor - find themselves unknowingly brought into a less that savoury world of perverted professors and corruption.

What transpires is quite dark and I guess desperate at times.

Perfect for fans of Erin Kelly, Ruth Ware and Sarah Vaughan.

Told from three points of view, over all this turned out to be well paced and catchy - if you actually get what I mean.

I still felt compelled to turn those pages quickly to reach a conclusion despite knowing who the real bad guy was. Not everything was as obvious as I initially thought, there were still a few twists and turns that added an extra disturbing element.

What was extremely clever was how the story appeared to come full circle, the characters lives intricately woven without them even realising just how close each of them were to the truth at any given moment.

What lengths would a mother will go to in order to protect her daughter?

In the end the story presented itself like a high stakes cat and mouse game, the question was just who would get caught because as we all know, every action has its consequences.

What transpires is essentially haunting and makes you think about how well we really know somebody. 

We can all pretend to be someone we're not, we all have the ability to muddle to the truth, make people doubt what they know to be true.

Two Wrongs might not always make a right but they certainly do in this explosive novel.

*A huge thank you to HQ Stories for asking me to be a part of the blog tour for Two Wrongs.*

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