Wednesday 31 March 2021

Dead in the Water by Chris McDonald

As much I love a nice, long novel, sometimes it is just as good to read a short story. I say this because there are moments when I lack the time to simply sit and read without interruption and shorter tales then become necessary for my concentration levels.

One such book which came at just the right time was Dead in the Water by Chris McDonald. This is the second novel in the Stonebridge series but can certainly be read as a stand-alone too.


I've joined the blog tour to celebrate the release of the book.

The Stonebridge Regatta is looming. The town’s annual face-off against neighbouring Meadowfield is usually a weekend filled with sunshine, laughter and camaraderie.

This year is different.

A week before the race, the body of Stonebridge team captain Matthew Henderson is found dead in the water. The police file his passing as a tragic accident however, his grieving widow disagrees and suspects foul play is involved. She enlists the help of Adam and Colin, the town’s amateur (self-proclaimed) private detectives to unearth the truth.

This is the second adventure for Adam and Colin.

Technically they aren't detectives but they definitely don't do a bad job as they muddle their way through their own private investigations.

This time they are digging into the possible murder of Matthew Henderson. He was the team captain of Stonebridge's rowing team and although the death was deemed as accidental, the deceased wife has her suspicions that there is more to the passing of her husband.

Adam and Colin both come off as really likeable characters.

Did Matthew simply slip and fall into the water, or is there more to his death below the surface?

Intuitive and determined, they have the ambition and drive to be real detectives. Naturals at a profession that they don't yet (legally) belong to.

As clues are slowly revealed, the list of suspects grows and changes quite rapidly. 

I found myself questioning certain circumstances and events. Little details that could possibly mean something.

Described as cosy crime (I'll admit I really like this interpretation), Dead in the Water is a fun and quick whodunnit story. 

For a short story, I was impressed at how well it flowed. Ok it wasn't anything overly complicated but I think that's what really appealed to me. I could sit back and enjoy the simplicity of the mystery, still trying to figure things out alongside the characters but it wasn't too taxing on my mind.

Join us to discover Adam and Colin's next adventure!

Nothing felt rushed, it all seemed to draw to a satisfying conclusion with ease. 

And what was really refreshing were the main protagonists, the unlikely heroes. Adam and Colin are not what you'd pick out as super sleuths but I think this is what gives this unexpected duo their edge.

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