Thursday 3 June 2021

The Serial Killer's Wife by Alice Hunter Blog Tour

 I just love a book with a good twist.

You know those OMG moments that leave you with your mouth wide open.

That's exactly what I got with the utterly gripping novel The Serial Killer's Wife from author Alice Hunter. 

This is a woman who has drawn from her time working in a men's prison to write a story that comes across as entirely plausible, the realism of it making it entirely more thrilling.


Beth and Tom Hardcastle are the envy of their neighbourhood – they have the perfect marriage, the perfect house, the perfect family.

When the police knock on their door one evening, Beth panics. Tom should be back from work by now – what if he’s crashed his car? She fears the worst.

But the worst is beyond imagining.

As the interrogation begins, Beth will find herself questioning everything she believed about her husband.

This is a story that I'll be honest, could get confusing.

Told from various points of view, we are taken on a journey through present and past. 

Slowly being shown the true colours of Tom Hardcastle. A man, who to the outside world looking in is a hard worker, a good husband and a loving father. So how is it that he is now the main suspect in a murder case?

The victim is his ex girlfriend Katie, who seemingly went travelling 8 years ago, but the police now have reason to suspect something more sinister and who better to question than the person who last saw her, dear old Tom.

They’re saying he’s a monster. And they’re saying she knew.

The pace of this book is slow, methodical.

I personally enjoyed the writing style. Felt as though it made matters even more intense.

A psychological thriller that had me mulling over a multitude of theories as to who done what and which characters knew more than they were willing to reveal.

There were so many people that I suspected of being guilty, not just of the murder itself but certain circumstances that over shadowed the events that followed on from that.

They’re husband and wife – till death do them part… 

My heart was racing as a read.

And I know it is probably cliche to say this, but this was a real page-turner. I read it in one sitting, it took me less than three hours to devour the entire story.

Who can be trusted?

How well can you really know someone?

Did she know?

At times there were more questions than answers, making for a real rollercoaster of a novel. Plenty of twists and no lack of explosive reveals.

The Serial Killer's wife is a chilling read. With short, snappy chapters and a storyline that feels authentic, you cannot help but get engrossed in the mystery of it all.

Highly recommended.

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