Wednesday 23 June 2021

Waiting for the Miracle by Anna McPartlin Blog Tour

 Anna McPartlin (the best-selling author of The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes) is back with her latest novel, Waiting for the Miracle.


Having not read any of the author's previous books I felt like I was going in with no expectations, just the blurb to draw me in.

I was intrigued as to which direction the story might head in and what I got was something heartwarming but heartbreaking at the same time. 

This powerfully emotional read.


Caroline has hit rock bottom. After years of trying, it's clear she can't have children, and the pain has driven her and her husband apart. She isn't pregnant, her husband is gone and her beloved dog is dead.

The other women at her infertility support group have their own problems, too. Natalie's girlfriend is much less excited about having children than her. Janet's husband might be having an affair. And then there's Ronnie, intriguing, mysterious Ronnie, who won't tell anyone her story.


Catherine is sixteen and pregnant. Her boyfriend wants nothing to do with her, and her parents are ashamed. When she's sent away to a convent for pregnant girls, she is desperate not to be separated from her child. But she knows she might risk losing the baby forever. 

Told through two timelines, we follow Catherine during the 70s as she fights the child that she loves and adores, Daisy.

Switching to 2010 as we get a glimpse into the lives of a group of women, who are all struggling to fall pregnant so find comfort with each other at an infertility support group.

From the bestselling author of The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes and Below the Big Blue Sky.

I was initially wondering just how the two seemingly separate tellings would eventually combine, all becomes clear and the combination of each experience makes for a beautiful story.

Something that I really enjoyed was the diversity, of the women, their friends and the lives they were living.

Each journey just as meaningful, every moment raw, honest.

The subject of infertility was covered in a gentle manner, I felt for each and every woman, I could feel just how desperate they were to simply be a mum.

A brilliantly satisfying exploration of motherhood  and just what it means to be a parent.

Filled with unique and unforgettable characters, as funny as it is moving, and as poignant as it is wise.

What I felt throughout was strength and bravery.

This is an inspiring read.

Watching women build each other up rather than tear each other down.

The title itself for me isn't just about waiting for the miracle that is birth, it's about so much more. The miracle of contentment, togetherness, discovering yourself.

Praise for Anna McPartlin

Sad yet funny, all the highs and lows were necessary to bring the story to life, to make it real. The dual timelines giving the story much needed layers.

Waiting for the Miracle made me cry, it made me smile, it simply made me feel.

Enriching, engaging and entertaining, this is a book that everyone should have the joy of experiencing.

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