Wednesday 15 September 2021

Run Like a Girl Book Review

 I have to admit, I've never been the most sporty person. When I was at school (all those years ago) I would do anything to get out of doing P.E. . It just wasn't my thing.

Fast forward to more recent years, and although I'm still not big at partaking in sports I do love to watch them. 

My favourite has to be the paralympics. I just find them so inspiring.

So how appropriate - I think fate stepped in - was some recent book post that I received, Run Like a Girl by Danielle Brown.


All over the world, there are female athletes breaking barriers, pushing limits and achieving amazing things, but where did their journeys begin? And what challenges did they have to overcome to get where they are today? As well as giving an insight into their influences, motivations and achievements, each story reminds us that failing can teach us just as much as winning; success isn't limited to the sports field; and 'running like a girl' can lead you all the way to the top. Inspirational biographical stories from 50 of the world's top female athletes Illustrated spreads bring each story to life, with panels providing facts and best achievements.

This is a collection of unbelievable biographical stories, 50 to be precise. All about highly successful women in sports.

Prepare to be amazed and perhaps want to take up a new hobby.

Written by the co-author of Be Your Best Self (Button, 2019) Danielle Brown, this is a book that has rightly been shortlisted for the Telegraph Children's Sports Book of the Year 2020.

Although about women, I think this is a book that can inspire a whole generation.

Run Like a Girl is a collection of fascinating biographical stories told by 50 highly successful sportswomen, from boxing superstar Nicola Adams to record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur and fearless mountain biker Rachel Atherton.

Each sportswomen gets a double page spread dedicated to them.

Every one containing facts, achievements, quotes and fantastic imagery.



This is a book that shows that there is potential in all of us and that our talents don't need to be limited. We can dream big and turn those visions into realities.

All of the women mentioned in the book are ambitious and courageous and their successes are all just as motivational and meaningful no matter how big or small they might seem. 

If you've ever heard the words "You run like a girl!" then it's time to smile and put your game face on.

Run Like Girl is a book that everyone should have on their book shelves.

There to look at when to remind you that anything is possible.

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