Thursday 19 August 2021

Wicked Little Deeds by Kat Ellis Blog Tour

Some stories I think you need to expect the unexpected and this is how I feel about Kat Ellis's novel Wicked Little Deeds.

It's a tale that expertly mixes genres and creates a chilling atmosphere.


From its creepy town mascot to the story of its cursed waterfall, Burden Falls is a small town dripping with superstition. Ava Thorn knows this well - since the horrific accident she witnessed a year ago, she's been plagued by nightmares.

But when someone close to her is brutally murdered and Ava is the primary suspect, she starts to wonder if the legends surrounding the town are more fact than fiction.

Whatever secrets Burden Falls is hiding, there's a killer on the loose, and they have a vendetta against the Thorns...

I said this is a book that doesn't come under just one genre.

Murder mystery and crime combined with the paranormal make it seem like an extended episode of Riverdale, only way creepier!

I'd like to say before I continue with my review that there are some triggers within the book. Death, grief and drug use all play a part in this story.

Set in the rural town of Burden Falls (which in itself sounds scary) we are introduced to our main character Ava (Thorn). A nearly eighteen year old teen who lost both of her parents in a horrific car accident. Now forced to move out of her family home due to debts, this is a young woman who has suffered so much and just needs a fresh start.

But the town has other ideas.

Adding insult to injury, she finds out that the family buying the manor is the not only the same family with whom the Thorns have had a feud for generations but the father is the man who was the cause of her parents demise. 

From that moment on things are forever changed.

Talk of a certain urban legend known as Dead-Eyed-Sadie, two murdered teens and an unlikely friendship all come together to make an unsettling and unique tale.

Now I don't want to seem like a spoil sport with my review but this is a novel with huge impact, something that would be lost if I reveal too much of the tale.

Here's what I can say.

Ava as our main protagonist is truly awesome. She isn't your typical angsty teen, rather a resilient and determined girl, remaining true to herself in the toughest of situations. This is a person I'd want on my side, I'd be the one running screaming not her.

The story itself packs a punch.

A horrifyingly good YA novel and although there is a sort of love story mixed in there, it certainly isn't the main focus. Dead bodies, and suspicious town folk a plenty make for a mystery you'll really want to solve but believe me when I say that you will be shocked beyond belief when reading the last few chapters as the lines of reality and the supernatural blur together. I feel like I need to go back and read it again to see if I missed some clues.

Wicked Little Deeds is very wicked indeed. 

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