Tuesday 19 October 2021

Cruel Castle by Bryony Pearce Blog Tour

 I'm quite the fan of a book series (not so much of the wait for the next novel in the set to come out) so when I was asked if I'd like to join the blog tour for Bryony Pearce's latest story Cruel Castle, I was rather pleased to be able to read the first in the series - Savage Island - before swiftly jumping into the next instalment Cruel Castle.

Now before I delve in to the rest of my review I'll just say this, I think you could read Cruel Castle as a standalone but having the backstories of certain characters did add to the over all story arc.


Having survived the horrors of Savage Island, Grady is now stuck working for Gold, the psychopath who masterminded the gruesome competition. Sent on a “team-building exercise” in a remote castle, he starts to plot his escape.

Ben and Lizzie are in hiding, presumed dead after escaping the island. If they’re ever to return to their families, they need to bring Gold down. So they secretly join Grady in the castle. But as the doors slam shut and the series of deadly challenges between them and freedom are revealed, it looks like history is going to repeat itself...

These novels are marketed as for teens but from an adult perspective, even I wanted to sleep with the light on after reading them.

Bryony writes YA horror oh so well.

Cruel Castle begins 6 months after the 'Iron Teen Tragedy' but there are certain people who know the truth behind the horrors of Savage Island.

The stakes feel high from the get go and although not quite as terrifying as the first book in the series, violence and psychopathic tendencies are both prevalent in this story.

They thought the island was the end. It was only the beginning…

Ben & Lizzie seemed to have luck on their side when they survived Savage Island but now they are having to hide from their families in order to keep the freaky psychopath, Gold, unaware of their whereabouts.

What follows is twisty beyond belief.

A castle, escape rooms and a pure need to survive.

Four voices narrate this chilling story, the switching perspectives really added to the intense atmosphere that rained over the book as a whole and various flashbacks adding details that helped to explain certain goings on.

A RED EYE horror novel for teens, this gripping sequel to SAVAGE ISLAND is full of fast-paced action and gruesome twists and turns.

Trigger warnings - there are mentions of suicide and mental health.

I was gripped from start to finish. 

Somehow the author has managed to up the ante with this story and the direction that it took was not one that I could have predicted.

Action-packed, giving off Hunger Games vibes (but way more savage) this is a series that is designed to thrill and excite! 


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