Sunday 31 October 2021

Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout Blog Tour

 I have to admit, before joining this tour I had never read one of Elizabeth Strout's novels. This was something I quickly rectified by purchasing My Name is Lucy Barton and Anything Possible to read before I started her latest novel Oh William!

Strout writes in such a pure way. Her honesty pulling you into the story and making you feel as though it is all reality.


Lucy Barton is a successful writer living in New York, navigating the second half of her life as a recent widow and parent to two adult daughters. A surprise encounter leads her to reconnect with William, her first husband - and longtime, on-again-off-again friend and confidante. Recalling their college years, the birth of their daughters, the painful dissolution of their marriage, and the lives they built with other people, Strout weaves a portrait, stunning in its subtlety, of a tender, complex, decades-long partnership.

Oh William! is a beautiful return to a beloved heroine, Lucy Barton.

This is a character that isn't perfect, she is flawed and it is this honesty that really draws you into the story itself.

I believe that this is a story that can be read as a standalone but I'd encourage you to read the previous two books first as they add details, depth and dimension to some of the things that Elizabeth talks about in this novel.

Lucy narrates (like the previous novels) and tells us that this is the story of her first husband William.

William and Lucy have been divorced for many years, but have remained close, reliable friends who often lean on each other and are above all else, honest with each other. It's a companionship that is tender and caring. 

Now in the later part of their lives, William asks Lucy for her help as he begins to struggle with changes in his life both at home and a little work. These changes are both physical and mental and there are revelations that he can't quite fathom in his own mind. 

What starts as talk of her ex-husband turns into something much more meaningful and emotional as Lucy delves into her own past, and examines her own alternating emotional state.

I just adore the tenderness of this novel.

Although fairly short, it is packed with such noble reflections.

Throughout the whole book, it feels as though Lucy is simply talking to you. A simple yet significant chat that reveals many truths.

This isn't just a story about a partner, a confidant. No, Oh William! is a tale of so much more. Of both sorrow and joy. The ups and downs of life itself. The way we live and the people who we choose to go through life with.

Elizabeth Strout has a very unique way of detailing human imperfections. It is both realistic and understanding. 

There is no judgement.

Oh William! is quiet in its delivery but the impact that it has on you when you read is quite the opposite. I adore Lucy Barton, I would go as far to say that she is one of my favourite characters of all time. Beautifully charming.

A series of books that will capture your heart, mind and soul.

Please follow the rest of the blog tour for more thoughts and reviews on this endearing tale.


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