Tuesday 12 April 2022

Every Cloud by Ros Roberts Blog Tour

 Books are quite simply magical.

They have so many uses. They can teach, they can heal, they can allow a simple escapism in times of need.

I've always instilled a love of reading in my own children so when my youngest was given the opportunity to read and review Ros Robert's latest book, Every Cloud, she was more than happy to accept the offer. The treats that came with the book package were a much welcome bonus.


Amy feels like everything is going wrong. For a start, she’s just found out she isn’t going to the same high school as everyone else. Add to that her annoying younger brothers, Pops’ worsening dementia and Cassie, her supposed best friend, being meaner than ever, and Amy’s summer is not looking promising. Especially when Mum tells her they’re moving in with Gran and Pops for the holidays … all the way on the other side of town.

But then she discovers who lives over the road from her grandparents: Jay, the kind, quiet boy from school. Soon Amy realizes that friendship isn’t always about who talks the most and the loudest, who does the most exciting things or throws the coolest parties. Sometimes a friend is just someone to talk to, someone to listen. But when outside pressures start to creep back in, can Amy hang on to her summer of silver linings?

I have my own thoughts on the book but for now I will leave you in the capable hands of Layla:

"I loved this book

Amy was a really good character. I felt bad that she was having a hard time but I liked the friends she made in the end, I want to have friends like that.

 I'm the one that talks a lot, this story made me want to listen more.

Every Cloud was easy to read. 

I'd definitely recommend it to my friends. I've already asked my mum if I can take it into school to show everyone."

Layla really enjoyed Every Cloud (and so did I).

We read some of it together and I could tell by how animated she was when she read just how fond she was of it.

This is a heartfelt tale, one that has a positive message built into it.

I liked the fact that it used modern day things, talk of messaging and WiFi, made it relatable.

But what Ros done well was write about more serious subjects in a way that younger readers could really understand.

Great characters that had exceptional dialogue. For me it was a really moving story. Gave me the reminder to look for those silver linings.

A very special book indeed.


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