Wednesday 27 April 2022

Head Full of Magic by Sarah Morrell Blog Tour

 They say, don't judge a book by it's cover.

And although this may be true, I'll be honest, I was instantly drawn to Sarah Morrell's Head Full of Magic because of the colour of the book. I just love purple.

My favourite colour didn't steer me wrong though, this middle grade book is beyond entertaining.


Fleur is used to balancing her two different cultures - from her English Mum to her West Indian Nan - but when she discovers that she can talk to animals she finds herself in a whole new world! Can her new powers help her take down Celeste The Best' the hockey-loving, ankle-smashing new girl, once and for all?

Fleur Marie Bottom is as far as we know, a normal 10-year-old girl. She lives with her mum, her nan and her nan's parrot called Sir Barclay. She also has two best friends - Anais and Ruby.

But things can't always stay the same. 

Her friends begin to change when Celeste “The Best” Morton joins their school. Celeste has her eyes set on Fleur, essentially terrorising her and by association, Anais and Ruby become more like frenemies.

Not all change is bad though . . .  well I guess it's a matter of opinion but when one seemingly ordinary day Sir Barclay begins to talk to Fleur, things start to get shall we say weird. 

Just how is it possible? Surely animals can't speak?

Hello magic!

This is the latest release from Hashtag Press and call me impressed.

I loved the use of the mixed English and West Indian cultures within the tale. These sorts of things should be highlighted more in books.

The story itself really is magical.

I saw another review that said it was like mean girls with magic and I really liked that description. 

With themes such as bullying used, Sarah has done a great job of navigating that world of friendships. Looking at the concept of actually trusting not just those around you, but trusting yourself and your own decisions too.

Fleur is a fantastic character. 

I'm sure she will inspire many young children.

I'm now hoping that Sarah might make this into a series of books  *crosses fingers*

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