Tuesday 24 May 2022

After Dark by Jayne Cowie Blog Tour

 The tag line for Jayne Cowie's debut is 'Welcome to a world where women hold the power', now isn't that a scary thought!

I think the book is titled Curfew in the US (why must we be different) but after reading that one line, I just knew I wanted to be a part of the tour for this novel.

And before I even get to my review I can tell you this, it is a must read!



They dominate workplaces, public spaces and government.

They are no longer afraid to cross a dark car park, catch the last train, or walk home alone.

With the Curfew law in place, all men are electronically tagged and must stay at home after 7pm.

It changed things for the better. Until now.

A woman is murdered late at night and evidence suggests she knew her attacker.

It couldn't have been a man because a Curfew tag is a solid alibi... Isn't it?

Highly readable.

This is a world where women are in charge.

Men and boys from the age of ten years old, all where tags around their ankles and are under a strict curfew. From 7pm until 7am they must remain in their homes. Break this rule and you'll find yourself in a prison cell.

The reasoning for this harsh law - known as the Prevention of Femicide Act which was enacted in 2023 - is to keep women safe.

And so far crime levels have remained at an all time low.

That is until a body of a yet unidentified female is discovered in a park. Who could have a committed such a horrific crime? I mean the males of this world couldn't possibly be involved or could they?

I loved After Dark.

So much so, that I read it in under three hours.

Taking the format of moving from present to past, with those timelines finally catching up with one another. We are treated to multiple points of view (all of whom are female) and because of this the identity of the both the victim and their killer are kept under wraps for a good portion of the story.

Well played Jayne, well played.

What gives this story its edge for me is the fact that it is totally believable, something like what is written has the possibility of happening somewhere in the future.

It all unfolds at a pace that is just right. 

Enough to keep you turning the pages as there is a real need to discover the outcome.

It's timely.

With recent years seeing many females falling victim to terrifying an unnecessary acts of violence at the hands of mostly males, this novel packs a punch with its content.

I tell no lies when I say that I was on the edge of my seat when reading this book.

After Dark is a dystopian novel like no other.

With serious content that remains entirely relevant. 

It would be an understatement to say this is thought provoking. I believe this novel provides an abundance of discussions points and is one that will stay in my thoughts for quite some time.

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