Friday 6 May 2022

The Making of Mila and Blake by Estelle Maskame Blog Tour

 I fell in love with Estelle Maskame's writing when I read Becoming Mila way back in July 2021 and that love didn't fade when I read the second book in the series, Trusting Blake. Fast forward almost a year and I'm thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for the third book in the Mila trilogy, perfectly named The Making of Mila and Blake.

Estelle is no stranger to a good set of novels, her first being the DIMILY trilogy. There's a reason why she's an international best-selling author.

The Mila series is primarily set in Nashville and in this book filled with more friendship, romance and drama, it draws to a sensational conclusion.


Mila's back in Nashville, two years since the fallout with Blake and on a mission to put the past behind her before heading to college. Goodbye family drama, Hollywood crises . . . and Blake.

Enter reality - Blake is home too, with his troubled father and a brand-new girlfriend in tow. Luckily Mila's family ranch serves as a distraction, but even there, tensions are sparked when she and her best girlfriends meet a hot new stablehand.

In true Mila fashion, it's impossible to forget what happened between her and Blake, and buried feelings erupt to the surface. Has enough time passed that they can try one last time, or has it been too long since they were on the same path? Will this be the making of Mila and Blake . . . or their undoing?

This book starts two years after Trusting Blake (what a cliffhanger that was!).

Mila is back in Nashville and looking forward to spending some quality time with her family and friends before heading off to college in San Diego.

But the easy and care-free summer she was looking for rapidly disappears when she bumps into Blake and his new girlfriend Olivia.

As old feelings re-surface, so does renewed family drama in the shape of Blake's dad Jason.

Much like the other two books, I felt rather invested in this couples relationship.

I had my fingers firmly crossed for a happy ending.

The emotional current that seemed to heighten around Mila and Blake was intense. Although their relationship has always been complicated, it's also been honest and filled with love. My heart ached for both of them for what they were going through both together and separately.

Supporting characters in the shape of Mila's best friends Tori and Savannah and not forgetting Blake's dog Bailey, really at the much needed details to this story. 

I'd quite like to see a spin-off to see where Tori and Savannah end up.

My one complaint is that it seemed to end rather quickly. 

I desperately needed an epilogue as I didn't get enough of Mila and Blake. However . . .

Estelle does seem to have left it rather open-ended so we could possibly get a novella at least to see how their relationship progresses past college?

Over all a good finish to an electrifying trilogy. 


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