Thursday 21 July 2022

Last Time We Met by Emily Houghton Blog Tour

 Summer time to me always signals the chance to sit back and relax with a good book. And during the holidays, I love to read a good romance. I find that genre to be the perfect escapism, a chance to forget all the stresses.

And that is exactly what I got with Emily Houghton's novel Last Time We Met.



Aged thirteen, best friends Eleanor and Fin are inseparable. Convinced it will always be this way they make a pact - to go to university together, always live near each other, and if they're both single at 35 they'll get married.


Eleanor and Fin haven't spoken in fifteen years. Life has run away from them and they're both far from where they'd dreamt of being all those years ago.


It takes tragic circumstances for Fin to come back into Eleanor's life, but everything has changed since the last time they met. Is it too late to mend their friendship? Or is there a chance they can keep some of the promises they made?

I fell in love with this story pretty quickly.

This is a friends to lovers sort of romance that manages to be both funny and heart-warming all at the same time.

Eleanor and Fin were best friends for such a long time and they had a simple plan. If they were both single at the grand old age of 35 then they would get married to each other. 

But best laid plans and all that. 

Life happened and this once close pair unfortunately lost touch. Each of them having their reasons as to why this occurred.  

But fate still had plans for this unsuspecting duo.

Fast forward twenty years, when Fin comes back from America to spend time with his mum (who is sadly dying) he has the chance to reconnect with his former best friend. 

Could this be Eleanor and Fin's moment to finally be together?

Just like Before I Saw You, I felt a real connection with both of our main protagonists.

A second chance at love, who could possibly pass up on that.

Surely it must be inevitable, that the two former best friends end up meeting, and just so happen to clumbsily work their way through their simultaneous tragedies and come face to face with what in their hearts they've known all along . . .

That they belong together.

Be still my beating heart.

Honest and heart felt. It just seems to be Emily's style and it gets my every time.

Whilst fairly predictable, I really like this in a book sometimes. I live for the happily ever afters, with an rollercoaster of emotions thrown in for good measure. With some more serious subject matter mixed in with the storyline, this is a story that came across as highly believable.

Also a big shout out to some lovely secondary characters.

Last Time We Met is just as good as Houghton's first novel and comes highly recommended from me. A sweet romance that will warm up your summer.


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