Monday 11 July 2022

Monster Doughnuts Beastly Breakout by Gianna Pollero Blog Tour

 Everyone loves a doughnut right?

So of course when I was shown a series of books that had doughnut in the title, myself and my youngest were quite keen to read them.

Introducing the third instalment in the Monster Doughnuts series by Gianna Pollero, Beastly Breakout.

Piccadily kindly sent me the first two books in the series so that we could get acquainted with monster hunter Grace and her sidekick, cyclops Mr Harris.

Utterly hilarious.

And now this fantastically funny duo are back to provide us with some much needed entertainment.


Tenth-generation monster-hunter Grace has a unique way of bumping off monsters. She and her sister run a bakery, Cake Hunters, where they make fabulous creations full of a special exploding baking powder that will get rid of any troublesome monster! And that's just as well - as Grace's latest mission is to track down the monsters who, in a major breakout, have escaped from prison in Monster World - and there's a LOT of them ...

Luckily for Grace she has cyclops Mr Harris on her team - who's a pretty good sidekick when he's not eating monsters (or doughnuts), or going off on a hunt for his long-lost mother, or accidentally exploding and ending up who knows where ...

Can Grace and co restore order to Monster World before things really get out of hand?

So lets start by telling you a bit more about this story. . . 

Grace is back and this time she needs to capture a group of menacing monsters who have escaped from Monster World Prison. 

Let the adventure begin. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Grace's cyclops sidekick Mr Harris is also ready to help (when he isn't eating doughnuts that is) as they enter the monster world, through the trapdoor in the Natural History Museum. 

What a fantastic set of books. It's the characters that really make the stories what they are.  this book are brilliant. Grace was my nine year old's favourite whilst I have a soft spot for the cake loving Mr Harris. Along with the main cast, there are some marvellous monsters featured. 

Illustrations within really make the tale come to life, bravo Sarah Horne. 

Chapters are fairly short, making this book highly readable for readers from as young as 7+. My daughter and I took it turns to read chapters and had great fun using different voices/accents to read. It's one of those stories that I think is best read out loud.

There are two great addition at the end. 

The first is the Monster Glossary, this comes complete with all the monster descriptions. The second comes in the shape of monster profiles for the author and the illustrator. I love this idea both ideas and actually think this makes the book a perfect class read as these could be an exciting ad-on activities for pupils to attempt after reading the story.

A pure joy to read.

Even better, the books can be read as stand-alone too.

Overall, I'd describe Monster Doughnuts Beastly Breakout as extremely amusing, and definitely a book that you can re-read again and still find it humorous. 

A great introduction to chapter books.


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