Wednesday 19 October 2022

Santa Maybe by Mary Jayne Baker Blog Tour

 Christmas + romance = perfection.

Well it does for me anyway.

So when I was given the chance to join the blog tour for Mary Jayne Baker's novel Santa Maybe, I was quick to say yes. 

Because quite frankly a bit of festive cheer any time of the year is not a bad thing.


Toy Store owner Elodie Martin is not one to get into the festive spirit but nothing gets her fired up more than the chance to get one over on her nemesis, Callum Ashley – the frosty, infuriatingly handsome owner of the local department store.

Christmas is the only time she can compete thanks to her grandad Jim, everyone's favourite Santa Claus. But when he has to unexpectedly hang up his red suit, Elodie risks losing the business for good and has no choice but to rely on last-minute replacement out-of-work actor Nick Winter.

Brilliant from the first page.

And so many themes going on as the story progresses.

From unrequited love and enemies to lovers, there is a little bit of something for every reader to enjoy.

Our main protagonist is Elodie Martin. 

She is a woman that's known hardship. Losing her parents at a young age and being bought up by her grandparents. Her heart has hardened a little over the years and after losing her Nan only recently, even her Christmas spirit has started to dwindle.

The final nail in the coffin, when her Grandad decides to retire from being Santa Claus at their family run toy store.

And then Nick comes into her life.

With some big shoes (boots) to fill, could he be not only the magical replacement Santa needed to keep the business afloat, but also the reason to make Elodie believe in the enchantment of Christmas again?

I just loved this story.

OK, I admit, I knew what direction the story was heading in. But sometimes that's a good thing.

We all long for a happy ending right?

Barker has got it just right.

With a balance of drama and laughter and a quirky bunch of characters, Santa Maybe has all the feels held within its pages. 

A charming tale that will be perfect for cosying up with during the winter season.


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