Sunday 12 February 2023

The Night Man by Jorn Lier Horst Blog Tour

Horst is described as one of the most brilliantly understated novelists and I had to admit before I was asked to take part in this blog tour, I'd never read one of their books before. 

But I can say with full honesty that I will definitely be reading more now. 

A body in the lake, a head on a stake . . . 

Wisting returns in The Night Man.


When a severed head is found on a stake in the quiet town of Larvik, Police Inspector William Wisting is called in to investigate.


As the media closes in on the biggest story of the year, Wisting's journalist daughter Line receives a tip. Soon, it becomes clear that there is more to this case than anyone thought. A criminal network has lodged itself deep into the roots of the city, and it's up to Wisting to take down the elusive and dangerous Night Man.


But hunting down The Night Man will take everything Wisting has, and it's all too easy for the hunter to become the prey . . .


This is a book that I think would come under Nordic noir as well as crime-thriller.

Set in the quiet town of Larvic, in Norway, this idyllic setting suddenly becomes the centre of a murder investigation after the terrifying discovery of a severed head which was disturbingly placed on a stake within the market square. 

What’s more despicable is that the identity is found to be that of a female estimated to be around the age of twelve years old.

Up steps Wisting.

Not left with an abundance of clues, it's actually his reporter daughter, Line, who seems to be coming up trumps with new found information about the case. But does these lead to more danger for this curious duo?

I love Horst's writing style.

It's slow, methodical, really draws you in and leaves you holding your breath.

What else I found particularly good was the subject matter itself. Because it wasn't just about the murders. There were other topics which arose from the initial crime including exploitation children, networks of organised crime and even racism. Nothing seemed skimmed over, each part just as important and well worth highlighting.

The story as a whole was exhilirating.

Police procedures were as far as I could tell well researched, and even when it appeared as though they'd reached a dead end with their enquiries, the narrative kept the pace of the book and had me willing them to find the culprits. 

And can I just mention the fact that this novel is expertly translated. Every sentence flowed and made perfect sense.

The Night Man is a novel designed to grab your attention, consider me caught!

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