Tuesday 6 June 2023

My Brother George by Kelly and Zoey Allen Blog Tour

 I love that there is starting to be a lot more diversity in books and that goes for both children and adult genres. 

One such book that was bought to my attention recently was My Brother George by Kelly and Zoey Allen. This is a beautifully illustrated story that follows Molly and her family as her brother George stands up for himself showing that his wonderful long hair and hair clips are just part of what make him who he is. 


These are the kind of books that we need in libraries and schools and I'm so pleased that I now get to share with you from Kelly herself about the book:

My Brother George is full of many gorgeous illustrations. From cover to cover, Tara O’Brien has created a feast for your eyes! Each  moment immortalised on the page is so beautifully and thoughtfully created by Tara, it’s actually hard to pick one part of the book, so I’ve chosen two!

The reason I’ve chosen two is because the first is quite a simple spread, but the joy it evokes is priceless. The scene where George finds his voice and says, ‘I think you should get to know someone before you find out their gender’ is the most poignant part of the book, and Tara has created gorgeous images of George and Molly and the joy in that actual moment. 

I adore how they’ve been captured on the page, their smiles and rosy cheeks. The moment of pure strength from George and adoration from Molly, it’s just beautiful.

When it comes to a more detailed spread, I adore the images of their favourite days out together. There’s so much colour and detail, joy and love. For me it’s a reminder of glorious childhood memories. George and Molly climbing trees, discovering bugs, and splashing in muddy puddles with Ziggy.


Tara has this magical talent where she creates beautiful moments, moments that might seem ordinary to some. She takes those moments and shows the true magic within them, the magic we all feel and need in our lives. 

I hope these moments are as beautiful for readers to see as they are for me to remember. My Brother George has so much magic within the reality of the ordinary world, a perfect match for a story focused on being who you truly are and the beauty that comes with owning it. 

You can follow the rest of the tour for more pieces like this to get a real insight into this gem of a book.


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