Monday 11 September 2023

Scareground by Angela Kecojevic Blog Tour

 Scareground is the latest book from author Angela Kecojevic.

The question is will the story be as scary as the book suggests?


Roll up, roll up, the Scareground is in town!

Twelve-year-old Nancy Crumpet lives above a bakery and her life is a delightful mix of flour, salt, and love.

Yet her mind is brimming with questions no one can answer: Why did her birth parents disappear? Why can she speak with the sky? And why must she keep her mysterious birthmark hidden?

Everything changes when the Scareground returns to Greenwich. When Nancy and her best friend meet the fair's spooky owner, Skelter, and discover a world full of dark magic and mystery, she must confront her greatest fears to get to the truth. But is Nancy ready for the secrets the Scareground will reveal? for all the secrets the Scareground will reveal?

What a daring book.

Not overly frightening, if it was in film form I'd say be prepared for some jump scares.

We follow our feisty protagonist Nancy, who lives with her adoptive parents the Crumpets (love that name!).

Nancy is curious, she's on the look out for an adventure with her one friend Arthur and it just so happens that the fair is coming to town.

But this isn't your typical funfair and Nancy's parents do not want her going.

Run by a spooky looking fellow named Skelter Tombola and with a name like Scareground, I'm not sure I'd have the courage to enter but Nancy has her heart set on going and I guess she's like most children in the sense that when your parents tell you to do something you tend to do the opposite.

What she discovers is all quite dark and mysterious but surely the strange magic that they're seeing isn't real, all just a clever trick, right?

Secrets and spine-tingling moments come together to give you the heebie jeebies. May I suggest not reading this book in the dark. Although an ideal read for Halloween.

This is Angela's debut MG novel and I have to say I was impressed. 

There's a great balance of drama and emotion. The ever growing friendship of Nancy and Author was wonderful to see, their sense of loyalty was quite lovely.

I'm wondering whether there will be anymore escapades including this plucky pair?

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