Tuesday 17 October 2023

A Cranberry For Christmas by Charlie Dean *Spotlight*

 I'm definitely starting to feel festive so here is a spotlight post about a book that I thought you might enjoy.

A Cranberry for Christmas by author Charlie Dean is out now!!!


Take a look at the blurb to see if it gives you a little bit of Christmas spirit.

Alisha Jones, or Princess Christmas as she is affectionately known, is joint heir to her Grandpa Frost’s family fortune, but being third behind an older sister and brother means she has to work three times as hard to prove herself. Marsha Underwood, her Grandpa’s PA and ever present thorn in her side, is determined to undermine her at every turn and Alisha finds herself powerless to prevent this. An encounter with a fortune teller at the Frost Christmas Ball leads to a bewildering dream of the future; and the added complication of Tom Walker, the son of Frost’s new business partner leads to a tumultuous year.

With her friends by her side, will she be able to turn things around? And what exactly does the strange dream mean?

A story of family, friendship and love at first sight with a sprinkle of Christmas magic.

Sounds good right?

Romance with a sprinkling of good cheer, I will definitely be reading this festive delight. 

You can purchase from here: https://amzn.eu/d/fpTksgE

And do give Charlie Dean a follow on X (Twitter) https://twitter.com/CharlieADean

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