Thursday 2 November 2023

Change of Heart by T.A. Williams Blog Tour

 Looking back through my blog, you'll see that I'm a huge fan of T.A. Williams. I've read and reviewed many of his novels and each one has left me feeling truly uplifted and I guess you say comforted too.

His latest book, Change of Heart, gave me that exact same feeling.


Read on to see exactly why.

Two families at war and Alice finds herself caught in the middle. Can she re-write a story as old as time?

When cutbacks force Alice out of her assistant manager role at a Devonshire stately home, she turns her sights the picturesque hills above the historic city of Parma. An aristocratic Italian family are looking to open their medieval castle to the public, and Alice is just the woman for the job.

Four years ago, a life-changing accident pushed Alice into depression, but the beauty and charm of the Italian countryside works its magic in brightening her days. Especially when she keeps bumping into handsome Luca … But rivalries run deep in the town, and Alice’s work – not to mention her potential love life – are caught in the middle of a long-standing feud between two families.

With her job and future happiness in peril, can Alice save the future of the castle, and bring two warring families together?

This story follows our main protagonist Alice.

A young woman, who finds herself being made redundant from her current job.

As luck would have it an Italian family way up in the hills of Parma (Italy) are looking to open their much loved castle to the public and Alice who previously worked in Italy might just be the woman for the job.

Could this be fate?

What follows is nothing short of remarkable.

Like his previous stories, Williams manages to write a beautiful romance blended in with glorious surroundings.

I found myself wanting to jump on a flight to Italy. Not only for the descriptions of the town and its farmland surroundings but also for the food that I could instantly imagine melting in my mouth.

Of course the path of true love never runs smoothly.

Along with a long-standing family feud, just to keep things interesting, there is also a bit of mystery added to this story too. 

Over all, I'd describe this tale as wonderfully cosy.

Special mention to Frank the dog, the animals are always the stand out characters aren't they?

If you are looking to escape the world for a couple of hours then look no further than Change of Heart, it really is the perfect pick-me-up. 

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