Sunday 10 December 2023

A Winter Wonderland by Rosie Green Blog Tour

 I adore Rosie Green's books. Her 'Little Duck Pond Cafe' series are simple, feel good stories that allow for a tiny piece of escapism, always managing to put a smile on my face.

And with the festive season upon us, Rosie is back with the latest installment to the set, A Winter Wonderland.


The festive season is fast approaching and the Little Duck Pond Café menu has been given a mouth-watering sprinkling of December magic. Jaz is hoping for the perfect festive season with little daughter Emma. But her feelings for next-door neighbour, Milo, are getting in the way. With his old love back on the scene, is she really prepared to risk her heart and make it the best Christmas ever?

What I love about these stories is that there isn't just one main storyline.

The focus is always on the community as a whole.

In A Winter Wonderland we see Jaz trying to navigate being a single parent whilst coming around to the idea of finding love again. Then there's Freddy a newly homeless teenager, who is also new to the town after running away from his parents. And mixed in with this, there is talk of weddings, IVF and trigger warning, there is also mention of abusive relationships.

Honestly, what Rosie creates is like a less dramatic episode of Eastenders.

Set in the month of December, looking at the build up to Christmas, Green reminds us that we never truly know what others are going through.

I really felt for all of the characters and as always, it was lovely to see them grow, learn and find a bit more of themselves along the way. 

You all know that I am a sucker for a good romance so I was of course routing for Jaz to begin to trust in love again although her rather dashing neighbour Milo wasn't helping matters at certain times. Men really have no clue sometimes.

Jaz's daughter gets a special mention for being utterly adorable.

Honest and realistic, this is a story that made me remember that we shouldn't judge anyone, we should instead offer kindness and acceptance.

Wonderfully festive, A Winter Wonderland is like a hug in a book, the perfect winter warmer.

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