Sunday 10 March 2024

Secrets of Malta by Cecily Blench Spotlight Post

 I'm joining the blog tour today for Cecily Blench's novel Secrets of Malta. It won't be a full review from me today but I wanted to shine the spotlight on this fantastic novels in the hopes that some of you will want to read it!


Keep reading for the blurb . . . 

Malta, 1943. The war in the air above Malta is over, but the battle for Europe is about to begin. Margarita, a young singer in a Valletta nightclub, has not seen her former lover Henry Dunn since breaking off their affair. His wife Vera, an enigmatic archaeologist, arrives at the club to tell her that Henry has disappeared, presumed dead. While investigating, Margarita stumbles upon the hunt for a notorious and dangerous Nero. As an unlikely bond develops between the two women, and strange secrets emerge, an urgent quest to unmask Nero starts - before he can enact a deadly plan that may threaten the course of the war.

This is an escapist historical novel filled with women, spies and a world at war. 

So if you like a bit of espionage and an abundance of great female characters, then you'll be pleased to know that the book is available to buy now.

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