Read With Me

One of the things I love to do when I get an odd moment of peace and quiet is reading.

Last year I went through a stage of reading a book a day, I became quite a night owl. The trouble that I have now found, is that I can't remember all of the books that I have read which makes it difficult when trying to find new books to read.

In order to remember what I am reading I thought I would post about it here, nice way to keep a record.

Every Monday I will start a new linky, I'll tell you some of my favourite books that I've been reading that week and I'll share a book review too. This will be open all week.

I would love it if you can link up too, new and old posts of anything book/reading related will of course be welcome, this can be adult or child.

A review of a book you've been sent, something that you are currently reading or perhaps a book that you have previously read and would like to recommend to others. Maybe a book that you are thinking about reading and would like other peoples opinions on or even a book that you would recommend to read with your children or that they can read themselves.

Whatever you decide I hope that you will join in and read with me.



  1. Oooh I like this idea, I have a book to review (I use Goodreads to keep a list of what I'm reading - are you not on there? it's great) also I recently blogged my ten desert island reads. Some books just grab you. I shall link up as soon as I have blogged about the latesd book I finished.

    1. I just started using Good Reads, wish I'd found it sooner. Thought this was a good way of getting more recommendations, easier to right a more in depth review too :) Looking forward to reading your post x

  2. Thanks for hosting lovely :-) x xx

  3. A gorgeous idea - you can never have too many good book recommendations!!!

  4. Fab linky, I have added your badge to my linky page on my blog and hope to link up with you soon x

  5. Just discovered this, great idea :) I've been thinking I need to start keeping a record of what I'm reading, I might have to check out Goodreads too!

  6. Hi, Chanelle, Where is the latest Read With Me linky? Thanks!

  7. oo, I'd love some ideas...I haven't read a whole book in ages..I'll be dropping by tomorrow

  8. I'm a huge reader, at the moment I'm reading The Ice Twins, I'm on the edge of my seat x

  9. I would love to join your book linky. Thanks.

  10. Hi, that sounds like a great linky idea. I have a mainly book blog, where I have some great book reviews if you'd like a look.
    I will be back to check out your linky, as I love book recommendations and reading book reviews too.


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