Wednesday 28 September 2011

Feel so bad

Well this morning Freya decided she didn't want to go to play school. I was putting it down to fact that I was going Tesco shopping and for some strange reason she loves going so I thought she just felt left out.

Whilst walking to play school I asked her why it was that she didn't want to go to play school and she said "no one plays with me". My heart broke. You never want your child to feel upset or lonely.
I think half the problem is is that Freya likes to play with the older children but of course all of the older children have now started primary school so she is now one of the older children.

I didn't know what to say to her, what can you say?? In the end I gave in and let her have the day off play school because I felt so bad for her. We left it that tomorrow we would go in and have a chat with her teacher and see if we can sort the problem out.

Have any of you had any heart breaking moments with your children yet??


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