Monday 26 September 2011

Here comes the "back to school" illness

Does anyone else find that when their children have been off school for a while, when they eventually return the germs start coming back.??
Elise started to get a croaky voice at the weekend, just when we had a busy weekend of birthday parties and visiting. Now the runny nose has started, I am lucky that she copes quite well with illness and loves school that much she won't even consider having a day off.
My husband on the other hand is a typical man, slight sniff and he has man flu, this happened to start on the same day that Elise' croaky voice started, but of course he was "dying", had to have an afternoon nap, bless him.
Now silly as this sounds but I am hoping that we all catch the germs early this year as two years in a row we have all had the colds and sickness bugs right over the Christmas holidays, typical because it is my favourite time of the year!!!!
Hope everyone else is alright.


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  1. Yes everyone at our school either has a cold or a sickness bug!


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