Saturday 1 October 2011

Family time

I find we seem to be able to spend quality time as a family less and less these days, what with work and school and different appointments to contend with.

Well today the Hazelden clan thought they would make the most of the beautiful sunshine and take a stroll down to the beach. It felt like we were abroad and made myself and Daddy Hazelden really want to be on holiday.

We went down and sat on the pebbles and had a paddle in the water whilst throwing the pebbles to see who could make the biggest splash and you will never guess who won.... well maybe you will, it was daddy who won. Gracie wasn't so happy about getting her feet wet, but to be fair to her the water was pretty cold.  Daddy Hazelden and Freya even managed to find a gorgeous green gem, who doesn't like treasure.

You can't beat days like that and who would have thought that it was actually the 1st of October today, madness!!!!


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