Monday 17 October 2011

We won with Pushchair Trader and Gander Kids

Well a few weeks ago I entered a competition with Pushchair Trader to win a P'kolino little reader chair and a book buggee from Gander Kids.

To my surprise I got a phone call from Andrea at Pushchair Trader a couple of weeks ago to tell me that I had won, it isn't very often that I win so I was so happy. 
Now Andrea was lovely, great customer service. She went through with me what I had won and what would happen next. 

Well on the 7th October my (well the kids) prizes were delivered. Yay. In the first box was the P'kolino little reader chair. Now this came in a choice of colours : orange, green, blue, purple or red. I opted for green as I was planning on putting it in my youngest daughters bedroom which is mainly green and yellow.
Gracie jumped at the chance to try it out.

I was impressed as the seat was big and comfy enough for Gracie who is now 20 months old, Freya who is 3 and Elise who is 5. It is made out of a suede material that is very easy to wipe clean, I had to test this when Gracie proceeded to put crayon on it the little monkey. It is very light and has a handle on the back so it is easy to move from room to room. It also has pockets on the sides to place books in as well. It was given the thumbs up by all my children and I think I now need to invest in two more to stop them from arguing over who is going to sit in it!!!!

In the second box we received the book buggee. I was also given a choice of colour for this, it comes in natural or orange, I chose orange as I love bright colours and it didn't disappoint. 

This is a lovely piece of furniture that allows your child to take their favourite books and even their favourite teddy around with them. Again it is very light so very easy to pull around. Gracie did try and sit herself in it when I first got it out of the box but we soon persuaded her the teddy would be more comfy in it. The book holders are wider at the top to make it easier to get books in and out whilst giving it a funky look.

The girls and I would very much recommend these products and there are so many more pieces of furniture and toys on their site to check out so go on and take a look!!!! 


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