Thursday 10 November 2011

Parents evening

Well Tuesday I had parents evening for Elise. I think every parent gets a bit nervous as even though you all  think your child is clever etc there is always that little bit of worry about what they are going to say.

I am pleased to report Elise is doing really well, she is above average for everything, her handwriting and sentence building is improving and she has no problems with spelling or reading. She is being encouraged to try and write longer sentences and form more opinions instead of seeing everything as right or wrong.

There were two things flagged up though. Number one the problem is she knows she is clever and sits there saying in front of the other kids that the work is easy, oops!! Not the worst crime but I need to make her aware that some of the other children don't find things quite as easy as her. Her other problem is one of her best trates too. She likes to help but sometimes this can be seen as bossy as she does try and take over and a couple of times she has tried to "help" the teacher a bit too much and has needed reminding that it isn't her problem and to sit down *blushes*.

All in all though it was a very proud mummy moment for me as it confirms that I am doing a job with her which is always nice to know as sometimes I worry that maybe I need to be doing more with my children, I think we all get that feeling don't we??


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