Tuesday 8 November 2011

Snack Time

Well in my house the kids have been brought up to have three meals a day and one or two snacks a day.

The trouble is I am running out of ideas of what to give them for a snack that isn't too expensive. I give them sweets sometimes but I like them to have the healthy option more often than not. You would think after having three children that I wouldn't have a problem with coming up with ideas.

My snack list at the moment consists of raisins, dried fruit, cereal bars, crackers, dry cereal like cheerios, carrot and celery sticks, fruit, then I start to lose steam. I get bored by having the same things all the time so I'm sure the kids do too. Always nice to have new things to try.

What about everyone else, do you opt for the healthy option more often than not or is snack time more treat time in your house?? What do your kids ask for??



  1. I went to a friend's house recently and she did a lovely thing. She did a plate of stuff - dried fruit, a bit of cake, some banana and satsuma and some crackers. It was the selection that was good. And my daughter and her friend worked their way through pretty much all of it. Little morsels.
    Some things that go down well here are squares of toast, cucumber with humous, small squares of flapjacks..... nothing that revolutionary.

  2. all this talk of food is making me hungry :-) i always forget about humous, i love the stuff!!! xx


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