Saturday 19 November 2011

Pushchair Trader VIP

Morning blog readers I have some exciting news to share

Puschair Trader have changed the way their competitions are run but don't worry this is great news for you all!!! You may only enter each competition once now to give everyone a fair chance but there is a way for you to automatically be entered another 10, that's right 10 times. Just become a Pushchair Trader VIP What do you have to do I hear you cry. It's easy peasy just follow the link above and follow the instructions. There is an annual fee of £10 but this entitles you to 10 automatic entries to every competition they run, the chance to become a tester for them and 100's of exclusive discounts counts and cash vouchers!!!

Are you excited yet??

Just to get you a little more interested I will tell you about a couple of the competitions that are running/ will be running. At the moment Puschair Trader are running a competition to win an Icandy Peach, they are the only company allowed to do this, the Icandy peach is worth £1155, fabulous prize, you would be envied by many pushing that around.

Also from the 1st of December they will be giving away a pushchair every day, one of the pushchairs included in this is the bugaboo donkey, all winners will be notified on the 1st of January, great start to a new year I think.

So go on bloggers get clicking


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