Tuesday 22 November 2011

Why is school so expensive??

It seems like the school is asking for money for something every week, it may only be for something little but it all adds up!!!

Today they were at the gates asking for us all to buy raffle tickets, next week they want money for the kids to wear their own clothes, the week after that they want money for the school trip to the panto and the list goes on....

I get frustrated, my family get by, so I can only imagine how other parents feel that really struggle with money. Even the things that are meant to be voluntary, you some how get pressured into paying for.

We were asked to bring in cakes and biscuits at the start of the school year for a fete that we then have to buy back even though we paid for them in the first place. I wouldn't mind so much if we actually saw some difference in the school, saw that our money was actually doing some good but I never notice any changes.

I'm moaning now and I only have one child at school at the moment so things are only going to get more expensive.

Does this bother anyone else, or I am I blowing things way out of proportion??


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  1. Here at www.educationrecycle.net we agree and believe that education is far too expensive and makes life very hard for many families x Emily Jones


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