Wednesday 23 November 2011

Would you choose a c-section

Well I thought seen as it was doing the rounds again I would join in the debate of women being allowed to opt for a c-section instead of giving birth naturally.

When I think about giving birth to my children, I remember it being one of the best experiences of my life despite the pain. It is a wonderful and natural thing for a mother to bring a child into the world. I never even considered a c-section, infact when in labour with my first, I wasn't progressing, there was talk of a c-section and this upset me a lot!!! I felt cheated enough that I didn't get the water birth that I so longed for.

Now I am all for a c-section when it is medically necessary as that is what is best for mother and child ie if something goes wrong in labour and baby needs to come out quick or baby is breach..... Not however because a lady is scared to give birth naturally or "too posh to push". It is a serious surgery and is by no means an easier option as the recovery afterwards can be long and hard, sometimes women even struggle to hold their children afterwards. And there is always the worst case scenario that you end up with an infection after surgery.

Even after you consider all these factors people seem to be forgetting the cost of performing all of these surgeries and then what happens when an emergency c-section comes in but the operating theatre is already busy with an elective c-section??

I think you can see what side of the fence I am on. What about the rest of you, do you agree or disagree??


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