Monday 28 November 2011


Well the dreaded lurgy has hit the Hazelden household. Was all prepared for a nice relaxing weekend and instead ended up cleaning up sick and holding hair back, not my idea of fun I can tell you. It is the one thing I don't cope with very well so I was lucky to have daddy hazelden around really.

Luckily the two youngest ones escaped for now but they had to put up with a poorly mummy and daddy which is never a good thing.

Now I never know what to do for the best when someone has been sick, I have always had conflicting information since I was young. My mum always said it was best not to eat for 24 hours after being sick so as not to feed the bug in a sense but then when searching on the internet it says it is fine to eat after being sick. Well the husband decided to give Elise some toast after being sick and I bet you can guess what happened, yep she brought it straight back up so I am inclined to follow my mums advice. The other one I always hear about is drinking flat coke.

Have any of you got any remedies/ tricks that work for you?? Have you caught the sickness bug already this year??


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