Tuesday 20 March 2012

Pass me the coffee

Well it seems fourth time round I'm not going to get the second trimester bloom. I'm now 22 weeks gone, I sat on the sofa around 6pm yesterday and said I don't understand why I am so tired all of the time and daddy hazeldens' reply was,  "you do know your pregnant don't you". Surprisingly I am aware of this but I just remember feeling so much more normal last time round.

On a brighter note Elise and Freya felt the baby kicking and saw my tummy moving. Now Freya keeps putting her hands on my belly in the hopes that she will feel something. So nice for them to share this with me. Even Gracie is joining in, she talks to my belly, it's the same sentence every time but it is so cute, she says, "hello baby, I sister".


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